Day 8: Use it or lose it

Guess what?! You made it through week one of the #MoneyLoveChallenge. How does it feel? Be sure to report in on our online community.

This week the name of the game is celebrating what we already have. The thing about creating abundance is that it’s much more about the state of your mind than the state of your bank account. When your internal state changes, then the external state changes, too!

When we want to attract more abundance, one of the best ways to do it is to use and celebrate the abundance we already have!

Step one:

Do you have any gift certificates or un-deposited checks lying around? Something I’ve noticed is that people who want to attract more abundance often aren’t using the abundance that they already have.

Today, find all of your gift certificates and un-deposited checks. Take the checks to the bank and deposit them, saying a prayer of gratitude for the abundance in your life as you do. Make appointments to use the gift certificates (book that massage and mani/pedi you’ve been meaning to make time for for the past year!) Schedule some time this evening to peruse the websites of gift certificates for stores and treat yourself to something nice.

(Be sure to write thank you notes to the people who gave you the gift certificates if you haven’t already. Saying thank you is part of fully receiving abundance. A text or email doesn’t count.)

Step two:

Share the love! Take a photo of yourself at the bank depositing checks and/or out using your gift certificates and share it online with the #MoneyLoveChallenge hashtag. Feel free to add your own interpretation of what it means to appreciate and use the abundance we already have.

Happy shopping!


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