Day 7: Your wealth & prosperity corner

Now that you’ve made room for more abundance in your wallet, it’s time to make room for more abundance in your home.

An often overlooked place where we can magnetize money into our lives is actually our physical space. The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui says that how we arrange our homes has a profound impact on the quality of our lives.

So today we’re focusing on your wealth and prosperity area at home!

Step one:

Locate your wealth and prosperity area. Use the graphic of the Bagua Map below to help you determine where it is. You’ll orient this map over the floor plan of your home according to where your front door is. Your front door will fall in the bottom quadrant of the map. Therefore, your wealth and prosperity area will be the back left corner of your home.

What’s in that corner? Take a picture of the area. Is it filled with clutter? Is it beautiful and well appointed? Is there something broken or never used there? Whatever is in the wealth and prosperity area of your home will affect that area of your life.

If it’s clutter, go through that clutter and get rid of it ASAP. If there’s something broken, move it immediately. (Get rid of it or get it fixed ASAP!) If there’s nothing there, what could you put in that corner that makes you feel prosperous or that symbolizes abundance to you?

(I have a whole course called Feng Shui for Financial Freedom if you’d like more guidance on this. Click HERE to learn more.)

Step two:

Take a photo of your wealth and prosperity area after you’ve done your decluttering, rearranging, and enhancement. Post both the before and after pictures on social media with the #MoneyLoveChallenge hashtag. I cannot wait to see the transformation in your space!

Now that you’ve got your wealth and prosperity corner in alignment, get ready for some serious abundance to flow your way!


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