Day 5: Magnetizing your goals

It’s Day 5 of the #MoneyLoveChallenge! Yesterday you set some money goals. Today we’re

going to take a quick action step to magnetize those goals.

Step one:

Take a look at your earning, saving, investing, and giving goals from yesterday.

Ask yourself: “Why do I want to achieve these goals? How will I benefit from them? What will

change in my life as a result of achieving these goals this year?”

Write down the answers to these questions. This is your “Money Why.” You see, none of us

wants money to have money. We want it because we think it will help us get something else or

help us feel a certain way.

If you want to take it a step further, turn your answers into a bulleted list with My Money Why

written at the top. Post it up in your home or office to remind you why you’re doing the things

you do on a daily basis.

Step two:

Share the love! Post your “Money Why” on social media using #MoneyLoveChallenge. Ask your

community why they want money. I think you’ll love reading the answers.

Talk to you tomorrow!



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