Day 21: Give it away now

You made it all the way to Day 21 of the #MoneyLoveChallenge. That’s incredible.

No doubt you’re feeling more abundant. No doubt you're feeling less fear and more love when it comes to your money.

Today we’re bringing the challenge home with one final #MoneyLove action.

Step one:

One of the best ways to affirm abundance is to tap into our generosity. Today, give some money away. It could be $1 to the amazing street musician. It could be $100 to your favorite charity.

Studies have actually found that when we give we instantly feel more abundant.

Step two:

Share the love! Share on social media about what you gave today and how it made you feel using #MoneyLoveChallenge. Also, weigh in on our online community to let us all know you completed the challenge. I’d love to know how you feel as compared to three weeks ago. Share anything that’s shifted in your life, financially or otherwise, as a result of participating in the challenge.

Well done, you. You did it. You spent the last 21 days focusing on loving your money (and yourself) up.

Take a moment and celebrate this remarkable accomplishment.

I’m proud of you.

Want more #MoneyLove? If you haven’t yet, grab a copy of my book, Money: A Love Story. It’s the perfect resource to dive even deeper after this challenge.

As always, let’s stay connected. I love to hear from you, so be sure to reach out via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The #MoneyLove community continues to grow stronger each and every day because people like you bring your gorgeous selves to it.

Remember, the more you love your money, the more your money will love you.


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