Day 20: There’s always more

We’re on the home stretch - the #MoneyLoveChallenge ends tomorrow. Do you believe it? Keep going strong - you’re almost there!

My friend Marie Forleo mentioned on MarieTV a while back that when she used to be afraid of not having enough money, she used a great little affirmation any time she spent money.

Step one:

Today when you spend money try Marie’s affirmation. As you pay for something affirm to yourself, “There’s more where that came from!”

This is such a beautiful way to nail in trust in abundance and that you have plenty. It also re-routes any fear that might have popped up and brings you right back to prosperity consciousness.

Step two:

Share the love! Share this tip from Marie Forleo online with #MoneyLoveChallenge. Be sure to credit her using @MarieForleo.

There is, indeed, always more where that came from.


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