Day 19: Watch your words

Only 3 days left in the #MoneyLoveChallenge. You’re doing great. I’m so freaking proud of you that you’ve made it this far.

One of the most powerful ways we create our reality is through our thoughts and our words. While our thoughts are a little trickier to control, the words that come out of our mouths are relatively easy to keep an ear on.

Step one:

Listen to what you say about money today. Do you say things like, “I can’t afford that,” or “I never have enough,” on a regular basis? If you do, cut that out. Everything you say is like a prayer. Pray for prosperity instead of lack.

An easy switch is to replace, “I can’t afford that,” with “I’m choosing not to buy that right now.” It’s far more empowering to come from a place of choice than victimhood.

Step two:

Share the love! What did you notice about your words when it comes to money? What supportive phrases did you find to take the place of your unsupportive ones? Share them online with #MoneyLoveChallenge.

You can take this even further by challenging the people you spend the most time with to watch their words when it comes to money, too!

Happy talking!

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