Day 18: Turn envy into inspiration

It’s virtually impossible to avoid comparing ourselves to others. I find myself doing it from time to time even though I know better.
Today’s challenge is about using our natural tendency to ogle others’ lives to our advantage as we attract abundance.

Step one:

Think of someone who you sometimes compare yourself to who seems to have it better than you do when it comes to finances.

What is it about their financial life that seems better than yours? Do they make more money? Have they paid off their debt? Are they a really smart saver or investor?

The thing about envy is that it gives us clues as to what we desire. And getting clear on our desires is a really good thing because it gives us direction and clues as to what our soul is longing for.

Think again of the person whose life you sometimes look at longingly and turn your usual envy or comparison on its head.
The fact that that person has abundance is proof that it’s possible. And since it’s possible, you can have it, too.

Instead of bemoaning that you don’t have what they have, celebrate what they have as a sign that you can have it, too! Instead of feeling crappy that you don’t have it, celebrate that they do. And celebrate that their having it has given you more information about your desires, which is very valuable information to have.

When we celebrate what others have we attract it to ourselves.

Step two:

Share what it feels like to flip your envy into inspiration with us on our online community. There’s not one person on the planet who hasn’t experienced envy, and your sharing your experience sets everyone free. If you choose to share this exercise on social media, be sure to use #MoneyLoveChallenge so we can all follow along with your journey.


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