Day 15: MoneyLove Music

It’s already the final week of the #MoneyLoveChallenge. Can you believe it? You’re doing so well. Keep going - we’re on the home stretch.

Today’s challenge is meant to be fun and motivating.

Step one:

Make a #MoneyLove playlist of songs that make you feel affluent. Anything goes here - it’s all about how you feel. You can check out my #MoneyLove playlist on Spotify for inspiration here.

At some point during the day today, play a favorite song from your playlist and have a quick dance break. This is particularly helpful anytime you find yourself worried about money or feeling overwhelmed by your finances.

#MoneyLove dance breaks get you out of your head, into your body, and refocused on creating abundance instead of putting your attention on lack.

Step two:

Share your favorite #MoneyLove song online. You can share the link to just one song or to the whole playlist! Use your #MoneyLoveChallenge hashtag so we can all find one another’s songs and get inspired by the music.

You’ve got some really great moves.


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