Day 11: You have enough

Turns out that when we focus on what’s already working, we attract more of the good stuff into our lives. The Law of Attraction hasn’t gotten all of the press for nothing.

Step one:

Make a list of three or more ways that you have enough in your life. Do you have access to beautiful, local produce from the farmer’s market? Do you do work that you find creatively fulfilling? Do you have a home that feels cozy and beautiful to you?

Whatever it is, write it down. Chances are good you’ll have more than three things that come to mind. Keep writing for as long as you want. This is about abundance, baby!

Step two:

Share the love! Post online your list of ways that you have enough in your life. Use the #MoneyLoveChallenge hashtag and ask your online community to chime in about the ways they have enough, too. Start an abundance conversation!

Here’s to having enough,

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