Day 10: You are enough

Did you know that people who know they’re enough tend to have enough, too?

Step one:

Write down three ways that you are MORE than enough. It could be that you rule in the kitchen and your culinary creations are a delight to anyone who has the pleasure of breaking bread with you. It could be that you booty-shake like nobody’s business. It could be your strong, shapely legs, the way you express your gratitude in writing, or the funny voices you use when you read your toddler a bedtime story.

You’ll likely be able to come up with way more than three ways that you’re enough, so feel free to keep writing them all down!

Step two:

Share the love! Share the reasons you're enough online publicly or in our group. (Extra credit when you share publicly! Your shining your light gives others permission to share theirs!) Use the #MoneyLoveChallenge hashtag and get creative with photos if you’ve got one that shows why you’re enough!

You're enough. That’s it.


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