Day 1: It begins with a decision

It’s the first day of the #MoneyLove Challenge! How pumped are you?

Today’s action is crazy simple. But often the easiest things to do, the things that truly make a difference in our lives, are also the easiest things not to do.

Step one:

Make a decision to change.

That’s it. Every great transformation starts with a decision to change.

Say the following words out loud:

Today I am making a decision to change. I draw a line in the sand and choose to act in conscious, loving ways when it comes to my finances. I am choosing this because it is an act of love toward myself. And when I am more loving toward myself, I am able to add more value to the world. Let the #MoneyLove begin!

Mark your decision by noting it in your calendar on today’s date with “#MoneyLove Begins” or whatever feels good to you.

Step two: Share the love

Take a photo of your calendar entry and share it on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram with #MoneyLoveChallenge.